What Is the Best Parking App?

Sometimes it might be trouble to get the best place to park your vehicle mostly when living in cities. Most traffic in the road is involved with lack of parking area in time due to lack of the prior notice from the available parking areas. However, it is all thanks to the current technology today since we can get very decent parking places in many cities. With the availability of best parking apps, you don’t have to suffer from getting the parking areas. Here are some of them.


It is a very popular parking application which is currently found online, and it has some amazing benefits, which make it be among the best. It has got several deals which make sure that you can save about half of the costs incurred in the driving-up. Considering the factors, the SportHero has been recommended for the ones who consider the parking applications that have decent discounts. You should, however, pay earlier so that your parking area gets reserved which involves some price to be paid.


It contains a very big area which is covered in a very great location in more than sixty-four countries. Even for the ones who are out of the USA, they can use ParkMe. ParkMe has, however, the best thing in that; it can inform you wherever you can get the parking area even for two weeks earlier. It is also believed to be among the very accurate devices to give you information, and that makes it the best. Its user interface can be easily used too where you can get a reserved spot for many taps.


It has been recommended with various Forbes which offers best deals onto the parking spots. Its developers are promising to offer them at very cheap rates than the rates needed to pay for them on the location. Like the other devices, ParkWhiz can enable you to compare several locations. Hence you can pick the one which is the best for you. In that, you will get to save so much when parking with this device, then it makes it the best device for parking your vehicle.


The Parker is used to offer various parking location ranges where one can select from. One can get the choice of picking from almost 24,000 packing locations and garages so if you still want a packing area around you, consider Parker. Apart from parker helping you to get the best decent spot for parking your car, it does help you in navigating into the parking location which is near you.

Parking Panda

The step does take parking into another level since it has been partnered with various locations so it can offer a highly prioritized parking area to its customers. It can offer locations at airports, stadium, among family locations. With the device, you can book the parking spot earlier too, and you should never worry about being lost in the parking station or being costed only for looking at the spot. The device does reward the customers that advertise it by offering free parking to them.

What Are the Four Types of Parking?

A parking space is usually an area designated for parking and can be in a garage, parking lot or on a street. The space is usually marked to fit a single car and the parking fee will depend on location and based on time depending on the regulations put in place. In this article, we will look into the different types of parking and give insights into perfecting that parking skill as a driver.

What are the four types of parking?

There are four main types of parking; perpendicular, angled echelon parking, parallel and double parking. Angled parking is the most spread type in parking lots.

Parallel parking

Parallel parking involves parking the car in line with others and parallels to the curb. In such parking lots, all cars face in one direction with the front bumper facing the previous/front car’s rear bumper. These parking lots are usually set on street sides where space is not enough allowing traffic to flow on smoothly. However, this type requires one to have a certain technique in driving to allow driving into a specific parking space without causing accidents. The following video illustrates on the above explanation

How to parallel park like a professional

Parallel parking requires you to drive next to the car you are parallel parking on which is usually the car in front of you. If your car is of the same size as the next, line up your side mirror (left/ right-depending on the parking side). If the next car is a bigger place the car a little bit further and if smaller move a little bit into the front of the car. Then turn slowly towards the curb and at one point move the wheels away from the curb slowly until the back is aligned then turn the wheels away from the curb. However, you have to maneuver continuously back and forth allow fitting right in.
Tip: Always ensure car has enough space left between other cars to allow ease of pullout.

Perpendicular parking

This type of parking requires little skill to move in or out since it requires one to park the car perpendicular to the parking wall or curb. This type is common in garages and parking bays.

Angled parking

This type of parking is similar to the perpendicular except that the cars are parked at an acute angle and in direction to the cars approaching the parking space. For angle parking, it is a lot easier to move into space that in perpendicular parking since the turn at this point is gentler. This parking allows more cars to be parked in a smaller space and allows easier maneuver.

Angle parking like a pro

Angle parking requires one easy skill which is to start turning once half or three-quarters of your car has passed the previous car. During reversing the same skill is applied only that one has to be careful of the space left behind the car. For easier remembering view the following video.

Double parking

Double parking occurs when a car parks in a way another cannot depart and usually occurs in three ways; on the street and in garages that have attendees and in parking lots having more than one parking space. Double parking on the street occurs illegally and each car blocks another due to limited space.
The other scenario occurs in parking garages where valets have keys to the cars and have the right to both keys to allow moving one car to allow the other to move out. In parking lots with more than one parking space, the cars are parked back to back but each car has its own exit.

Parking fees

Parking fees are different and depend on location and time that one parks his or her car. It is therefore important to consider the fees and regulations before parking your car in any lot.
Tip: Always check the parking lot you park in to avoid being overcharged for wrongfully parking in the spaces meant for the disabled.

In conclusion, technology has enhanced parking by the introduction of sensors, assisted parking and cameras which have eased mode of parking. However, the skills to Park remain the same and require continued practice.

Do I Need a Passport to Fly Domestic in US?

There’s a great deal of disarray right now about REAL ID, and whether occupants of certain states need identification to fly in 2019. In any case, don’t let all the deceptive information out there tie you in tangles since you’ll read in this article about the issue in detail because I don’t want you to get stuck in a drama in an airport. Because, who wants to get their time wasted?

What Do I Need to Fly Domestically?

Right now, travelers who have driver’s licenses issued by an express that isn’t yet consistent with REAL ID and that has not gotten an augmentation should demonstrate an elective type of worthy distinguishing proof for household air travel. You can take a gander at TSA’s site underneath for a rundown of satisfactory types of distinguishing proof. Travelers who have licenses issued by an express that is agreeable or that has an expansion to end up consistent with REAL ID necessities may keep on utilizing their licenses not surprisingly. For a rundown of states as of now inconsistency or with an expansion visit DHS’s REAL ID website page below to learn more. DHS constantly refreshes this rundown as more states come into consistency or get expansions.

Beginning October 1, 2020, each state and region occupant should display a REAL ID agreeable permit/ID, or another worthy type of distinguishing proof, for getting to Federal offices, entering atomic power plants, and boarding a commercial flight. This is the thing that we call “card-based” requirement. The card, itself, must be REAL ID agreeable except if the occupant is utilizing an option adequate archive, for example, a visa. The Act does not expect people to show recognizable proof where it isn’t as of now required to get to a Federal office, (for example, to enter the open zones of the Smithsonian) nor does it forbid an organization from tolerating different types of character reports other than records from rebellious states, (for example, a U.S. visa or identification card).

One year from now, travelers that need to board a commercial flight should show a REAL ID agreeable driver’s permit, state issued ID or another governmentally endorsed type of ID. In the event that travelers don’t have a governmentally endorsed type of ID, they could be dismissed at airport terminal security checkpoints.

It’s critical to comprehend getting a REAL ID and why finding a way to accomplish one as quickly as time permits (when your state is agreeable) is a savvy though. While 35 states might be consistent, those inhabitants still need to experience the means it takes to get a REAL ID agreeable ID card through the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). It’s a protracted procedure and not something that happens naturally, and DMV are as of now taking note of issues with swarming and long hold up times, which they are crediting to these new IDs.