Zinc is one of the metals found on the periodic table. Being important for several metabolic processes, zinc is important when it comes to the boosting of immunity and general growth. There are some benefits among others that will be mentioned later in this article.

What causes zinc deficiency in the body?


Zinc deficiency is caused by numerous factors in the body. Some include:

Insufficient food intake

Most nutrients in our bodies are generated from the foods we take. If one does not take enough food, the body uses up all the supplements it had in store, leading to a deficiency.

Excess alcohol intake

Food is absorbed into the body from the gut after digestion. Zinc is essential when it comes to absorption as it helps increase permeability properties. On the other hand, excessive intake of alcohol prevents the absorption of nutrients in the body.

Poor diet

Back in school, we learned that a balanced diet should entail at least a carbohydrate, protein, or vitamin. Most nutrients are mainly found in proteins and vitamins, as carbohydrates help in generating energy for the body.

If one does not take a balanced diet, the body will go without enough zinc supplements. You must take sufficient zinc-giving foods.


Some illnesses require the body to generate excess nutrients to fight the pathogens and keep the body fully functional. If excess zinc is used and not generated in enough quantities, the body experiences a failure.

Signs and symptoms of zinc deficiency

Just like any other deficiency, the body reacts in a way that demands nutrients when they are in small quantities. When the body lacks zinс, the following is visible with the human body.

Loss of weight

Production of cells leads to muscle build-up. When there is less amount of zinc, the muscles become emaciated, leading to further loss of weight.

When you lose weight, your body becomes weak, making it hard to effectively fight infections and general body functioning.

Low concentration

The brain can concentrate on average for 5 to 6 hours. Zinc causes one to concentrate longer than this if taken in the right amounts. If the body has a deficiency, the body losses its concentration span.

Loss of appetite

Loss of appetite can be caused by several factors. This happens when the body is having a hard time absorbing nutrients into the blood system. Zinc, as mentioned earlier, increases permeability properties, causing absorption of nutrients faster.

Wounds take longer to heal

Cells use a lot of minerals to generate new cells, one of them being zink. Most medications are given to patients who had accidents and their wounds are taking long to heal have zinc properties in them.

If you have wounds, and they take a very long time to heal, try consuming supplements or foods with zinc such as red or white meat, seeds such as macadamia, baked beans, seafood, and over-the-counter supplements.

In conclusion, all of us need to consume zinc in the right quantities to ensure the body is functioning well.