Today the world seems to be an uprising against all the bad notions prevalent in society. Violation of fundamental human rights in the shape of fascism and racism can not be tolerated any longer. People have understood the downfalls and repercussions of such dark affairs and have enough of it. Our history is an excellent source of lessons for people to acknowledge and understand better. This is why people have formed a resistance to such terrible and inhumane things in the shape of ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘Antifa.’

For such stances, people like to give as much donation as they can since such movement without any financial back-up is just names and banners. Enough eyes are required on such campaigns to create a great appeal to people to establish trust. This allows people to give money and other benefits to the managing party to expand the movement’s message as much as possible. However, people are not the only ones who take a deep interest in such things. Many companies also spend much fortune in the shape of donations. Many of these movements are finance by company donations. Usually, companies try to do such acts anonymously. This is because companies typically do not like to take a political side with any party, which may later hinder their own business. There are many examples of such companies. Some of them are as follows:


Owned by the famous Jeff Bezos, who is not only known for his expertise in developing such a unique digital one-stop-shop, but for his position at the pentagon. He has been seen as an ally by the Trump government on most occasions. While such things have been uncovered, it has been widely rumored that the company was at the front runner in donating to these movements. Later the news of such event is also shined by the Washington Post, a prominent news company owned by the Jeff Bezos. This clarifies why companies like Amazon would try to keep such a thing under the carpet.


Known for using people from all races in their ads, the company has been known for donating a lot to such initiatives. The company has been on the rise when it comes to keeping their operations green and recyclable. This is one reason why Adidas pride themselves since their entire marketing campaign has been on how they recycle materials from their old shoes. Hence, the rumor that such companies donate to such movements does not come as a surprise. The company actively endorse players from all sports fields who have been in favor of such campaigns.

Activision’s Call of Duty

Initially, the company was primarily rumored that they funded many significant operations in terms of protests and riot relating to ‘Black Lives Matter.’ Although no real proof could be found, the company showed no hesitation in supporting such campaigns’ riots and protests. Such a bold move by the company led them to success with their new ‘Battle Royal’ game dropped this year.