LuLaRoe is a fashion retail company that is also a pioneer of Social Retailing. It is highly successful with respect to its sales and even though it started as a small brand looking to cater to its target audience in California only, it is now looking to expand to serve a vast clientele from other parts of the United States.

Since the brand is a social retailer, it looks to give back to society in every way possible. One of its main aims is to encourage the upcoming generations to start entrepreneurship as well. Hence, it does not hesitate in teaching others and often gives great opportunities to independent retailers and people like Amber Jones, LulaRoe consultant, so that they can play their part as well.

Long story short, you can also make money with LuLaRoe and there are different ways to do that. Here’s a look at how that is possible.

Means of earning money

The first main means of earning money via LuLaRoe is through direct selling. Since LuLaRoe uses a resale model and encourages other independent retailers to sell the product for them, earning money can be easy for them. Rather than relying on distributors, the firm looks to build a team. The process basically adds up to your income stream, as you still need to make sales either way. The fact that the designs are only limited, makes it more demanding in the market. So the retailers can charge extra for this, making them earn more money independently. With their designs, there have been some questions regarding whether they are sustainable or not since they are very few in number compared to the overall market. But right now, they are doing quite well because of how they capitalized on the “fear of missing out” factor and have instilled this in the minds of their consumers as well.

Another way of earning money with LuLaRoe is by becoming a consultant. This requires initial investment as well. The investment is not fully accurate but according to some reports, this figure is around $5,000. According to the company, most of its consultants are earning good money. “Our consultants earn a profit on less than $5,000 in monthly sales”. Also, there have been many occurrences where the same consultants get repeated re-orders even from small sellers. The company says that these small sellers work in the long term as they have a more than 90% rate of retention as well.


Some people say that now it is becoming significantly difficult to earn money via LuLaRoe. This is because the competition with respect to each consultant and seller has led to a decline in individual sales. Some newer consultants have complained of a significant drop in product quality as well. The main problem arises with the fact that the representatives don’t really get a say in the products they receive and which of the products they can actually sell.


Whether LuLaRoe is now as profitable as it was before, remains to be seen. However, the model had been successful earlier and now the participants hope that it remains the same in the future as well.