In this era, social media is the fundamental marketing tool. Nobody could have imagined in their wildest dream that Instagram would end up gaining so much popularity and business tycoons would end up selling their products on it. The question that pops up in everyone’s mind is whether a blogger or seller can grow their customer base through Instagram or not. The answer to this question is not concrete. One cannot answer yes or no. If you want to boost your business Instagram account, this article will tell you what truly needs to be done.

How will Instagram grow your customer base?

There are several ways how Instagram can prove to be a holy grail in this regard. Following are some of the ways:

Exciting content

People these days look for exciting content and are not solely concerned about marketing the product. If you are genuinely interested in knowing how to make it work out, make sure you keep a strict eye on trends. Banal content explaining the purpose of the product will not work out as people need fun and excitement. It is the nature and the tone of the content which will either hook the audience or force them to stay away.


Instagram can prove to be a fantastic tool if you learn how to collaborate with fellow sellers who are selling products that will benefit both of you mutually. This will because your followers will follow the person you have collaborated with, and vice versa will also happen. Hence, one can safely say boosting your Instagram business account is not as difficult as it sounds like. You should only know how to collaborate with the right people.

Jaw-dropping pictures

If you want your customer base to improve, adding genuine, bright, and high-resolution pictures of your product will do the job. This is because posting good pictures of your product will automatically divert traffic to your page. Also, nobody likes dull photos which do not portray the genuine product. Hence, the rule of thumb for boosting your business Instagram account is to be consistent in posting pictures that reveal the purpose of your product.

How will Instagram not grow your Instagram base?

It goes without saying that Instagram can do nothing to prevent your followers from being decreased. This completely varies from person to person. Many people complain that their business is not taking off on Instagram. The bitter truth is that they do not know who the real culprit is. It is their own actions. This suggests that they never pay heed to what is happening on Instagram and the new marketing strategies used to sell products. Being completely aware of the audience around you can do wonders and prove to be a game-changer.

In conclusion, many people often argue whether Instagram can increase its customer base or not. The answer is quite simple. It definitely can and will if you are truly motivated to make it happen. This will be possible if you upload exciting content, collaborate with other sellers, and post fantastic pictures of your product.