Having a significant following on social media platforms helps people immensely in terms of what they want to pursue in life and what they would like to do. Apart from this, we can also see that such social media sites give flexibility in terms of money. This is evident in the fact that a profile with a huge following can be used as a source of marketing product to the actual people to whom the product was intended. Some services like SimplyGram also help influencers to create profiles and gain real followers to get endorsement by companies who fall in the same niche as the profile itself which therefore creates a win-win situation where the influencer can get free products along with the healthy amount of money while the company giving the endorsement to the influencer and can use the follower base of the influencer as their own and can advise the type of content for such influencers to put out. Nike, Adidas, Gucci, Reebok all such brands endorse people like Conor McGregor, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Kylie Jenner Et cetera.

Hence, it makes sense to use people with the massive following as a source of showing off the company’s product and portfolio.

There are many ways to increase your following base. One way is to get shout outs from more prominent influencers who can get a substantial amount of following on your page. You can also collaborate with other influencers to put out content that can help both parties and can introduce the audience of both influencers to each other. Another way to do it is by continually putting out quality content so that you keep coming and getting noticed time and time again, which can bring a good number of people to follow your page. There is one method deemed as being the wrong way, which is the buying of followers.

How is it done

There are two types of application which can help you to increase your following. One is through apps like SimplyGram, which can tell the number of interactions you have and the type of content people respond to. And the second is merely buying followers by paying the right amount of money to get a good number of followers. People who support such an idea say that it is only a way of investing in your business. Although it seems fine, the design negates the system of putting quality content out so that your profile has some purpose. Although, such methods can be easily recognized by the disparity level between the interaction on a post in comparison to the number of followers. Still, such profiles are likely to get revenue through endorsements.

Is it legal or not?

Today, at least in America, those companies have been deemed illegal who sell likes, comments, or followers to unauthentic social media platforms that involve Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. It can be deemed forbidden in the U.S., But in the rest of the world, and especially in underdeveloped counties, such legal policies are still lacking due to lack of awareness. Hence, it is an unethical practice deemed illegal in the U.S. while the same can’t be said for the whole world.