Philadelphia is one of the busiest airports to travel to on a typical day, let alone a special event or a festive holiday. Hence, there are many things that people can do first to go to the airport, and if someone is traveling to the airport on their vehicle, then how to park their car at the airport. In case you have trouble finding the right parking spot, you can find helpful information provided by services like GotoAirportParking. However, as a traveling person, you must keep a pre-existing impression that there would be many hassles and trouble while traveling to the Philly airport.

Airport’s Capacity

The airport has four airport parking sites within itself, with an overall parking slot of nearly 18,940. This is generally a substantial number of parking slots, but when compared to travelers’ frequency and the number of daily flights the airport accommodates, the demand is just about fulfilled by the Philadelphia airport parking. The four parking spots are Winner airport parking, Colonial airport parking, Pacifico airport parking, and Wyndham Garden. The airport itself is well maintained and cleaned regularly with a highly capable maintenance crew.

How to Park?

The easiest and the most hassle-free way to get yourself a parking spot at the Philadephia airport is to get a spot reserved for you beforehand. This is incredibly easy since services such as Gotoairportparking can help sort out a spot for you. Given that such arrangements cost more, they save you precious time and hassle, affecting your overall experience and hindering your traveling. The other and more conventional way would be to go to the airport and hope for finding the right parking spot, which is hard to come by. Remember that most of the Philadelphia airport parking does not have valet service because some people assume that it would be available in every airport they go to.

Where to Park?


Winner airport parking is considered to have the best customer experience. According to a survey, most people chose to park their vehicles in the winner airport parking. The reason behind this is that it is incredibly close to the actual airport with just over four miles in the distance and surprisingly has the valet service as well. Although people feel that it is a bit expensive to park at this parking, the trade-off seems somewhat reasonable. The cost lies somewhere above seven dollars per day for valet parking at this parking site. Next up is Colonial airport parking, where after Winner airport, the most massive majority of people prefer to park their cars. This is the largest parking site at the airport but has little valet staff; hence it still incurs the hassle of finding a parking spot by yourself. Being the largest parking site makes it marginally more accessible for people to find the right spot compared to the other sites. The Pacifico and the Wyndham garden are difficult places to find the right spot partly due to their small space and partly because many people find these two convenient as they are closest to the airport.