Moving out can be tasking, especially when one has to move furniture and appliances from one apartment to another. That’s where companies like easyEventhireUK help in, they offer several furniture hire options such as renting furniture and other appliances. However, there are always pros and cons attached to every business deal. Therefore, the choice is always up to you, the customer, to weigh these options and decide which of them is best for you. In this article, the pros and cons of renting furniture and appliances will be listed. 


Pros of Renting Furniture and Appliances


Very affordable: Renting furniture doesn’t put a dent in your bank account like buying it for thousands would have done. By renting furniture or appliances, you abstain from adding a depreciating asset to your balance sheet. Moreover, some of these furniture companies offer an opportunity for customers to choose a suitable payment plan and pay bit by bit. It can be compared to leasing a car, convenient, and affordable.

No extra transportation cost: Rental companies want to make you happy and might include covering the cost of transporting the rentals to your apartment. But when you buy them yourself, you have to cover this cost yourself. Also, if you are moving, the rental company can send people over to take back the rentals, this would save you the hassle of yard sales, moving cost, etc.

Replacement: Another good thing about renting is that you can replace it according to the rental agreement. You can also have free servicing and maintenance of the appliance during the duration of rent and in the end, it can be yours to keep if agreed upon.

Ease of access: You can find rental companies online from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is click on their website, select the item you want and it would be delivered to you. When the lease is over, they would come and take the item back. 


Cons of Renting Furniture or Appliance

Expense over time: when you keep renting furniture and appliances over time, it would pile up and can be a huge expense when compared to the cost of buying furniture at a go.

Lack of personal touch: When choosing the rental package from the company, you are not allowed to handpick the colors, decor, etc. This beats the purpose of decorating an office or apartment to your own taste.

Extra cost: If you are living in a permanent apartment, then it is advisable to buy furniture, as renting would be expensive and the interest over time can be at 50% or more. 

Hidden payments: Some furniture companies have hidden fees in the contract. This dubious act may include putting all financial responsibilities on you if a product should fail or need repairs while in your custody.

Furniture quality: The quality of rental items cannot be compared to that of brand new ” straight out of the box” items.