How to Extend Your Patient Life Cycle

If you are a patient, you might be walking on a tight rope. And you might be falling. Maybe falling was the last thing you wanted. You had this one amazing doctor or physician. Now, you have nothing. Maybe it’s your fault or not your fault. Or maybe it’s the doctor’s fault. But one thing is sure. You have decided to end relations with that particular doctor and their medical facility. The above describes the situation for several patients spread out throughout the country. They might have had a good doctor but along the line, the relationship between the two broke down. Is there any way that a doctor can improve the relationship? For a beginner’s guide, health practices should… Read more “How to Extend Your Patient Life Cycle”

How to Deal with Cancelations And Patient No-shows

Patient no-shows are common in medical practices, affecting both specialties, places, and treatment styles. Although no-shows are a constant source of issues for practices, not all clinical trials monitor their no-show frequency or understand the effect that even a handful of regular no-shows would have on either their operations and income. There are several explanations why patients fail to respond for appointments; however, there are demographic comparisons among patients who regularly fail to show up. Practice managers actively work to minimize no-shows by using several techniques, but many of these techniques require manual procedures or difficult-to-enforce rules, resulting in a decreased effect. An automated appointment confirmation system may assist majorly during this process. Care practices should monitor their patient no-show… Read more “How to Deal with Cancelations And Patient No-shows”