Instagram is one of the best and leading social media platforms which enable its user to connect in more reliable and creative ways. It allows its user to create a poll and ask suggestions from their followers. You can see the results in aggregate and have a breakdown of who is voted for what.  Businesses need to promote and sell their product on Instagram. According to a recent survey, 67% of people prefer Instagram over Facebook and Twitter because of its features that give people the freedom to create. Instagram users nowadays create, communicate, read the news on the platform, and even ask different questions, from movies or book suggestions to advice in their lives. So if you are interested in what questions to ask on Instagram poll, follow the link and you’ll get answers. Instagram is definitely the application of this generation.

Here are some keys to increase your business

  • Listen for feedback

It is inevitable for the growth of the business to give priority to its customers and not only listen to their feedback but also resolve their issue with immediate effect. It creates brand loyalty among its customers; so they prefer one product over others. It makes them more confident while buying from your account. It will grow your revenue on a large scale. Feedback helps you to track your customers geographically and you can analyze your shortcomings.

  • Stay specific to your brand.

Once a well-established strategy is developed, try to expand and create content related to your brand, this way it will be attractive to the right audience. It would help if you resist temptations to post general content which will typically lead to pushing away your current audience. It can have an adverse effect and you will start losing followers and not gaining any new ones.

  • Select the perfect posting time.

Again, it is critical to be consistent about your posting on Instagram. For example, many people post their images at 6 pm, as most people have their presence on social media at that time. Similarly, many brands have decided to post on a specific time, so their loyal followers know their time of posting.

  • Give your followers priority

You must know that your followers are your actual strength, and your brand has no value without your loyal customer. You have to think about your followers and give your best not only in creating genuine products but also in good product marketing because loyal followers are the most valuable asset a brand could ever have.

  • Be consistent.

If you want to be in limelight and get public attention, it is important to be consistent in your posting. The Instagram account visibility algorithm works on the consistency of an account. Make sure you have two posts per week ratio. Consistency helps you to maintain your followers and kept your account grow


All the essential keys mentioned above will help your business grow on Instagram. It is mandatory for those who want to do their business on Instagram and those who want more followers. We are living in a digital world, and everyone has to be digital.