It is very important to keep your place of residence, your office space, your lawn and other places of importance both organized and clean. This not only reduces stress overall but also is proven to increase your productivity throughout the day. Being clean yourself and keeping your surroundings presentable gives a very pleasant and a soothing experience as well. Usually, we get so caught up with our routines that we usually don’t get the time or the energy to clean our houses regularly or organize them in a fashionable manner. For this purpose, services like are especially beneficial.

What are house cleaning services?

House cleaning services, as the name rightly suggests, offer cleaning services for home. The companies that provide these services send their employees, usually maids or cleaners to get the entire space such as homes or offices to be cleaned, organized and make them presentable. As assumed, house cleaning services are usually not as simple. In fact, many of these services are extremely diversified in the sense that they offer different features. Some services are very limited whilst others may offer things like regular cleaning, deep cleaning, spring cleaning, move-in/move-out cleaning amongst others.

What is a good house cleaning routine?

Usually with the home services, cleaning routines may differ according to the requirements of the place that needs to be cleaned. However, one of the most common routines followed by these companies include starting off with vacuuming all the rugs and carpets. Then the bed sheets are washed are organized. This is followed by wiping of the interior furniture and corners. Next the walls are cleaned in case there are any smudges or unwanted taints. After this, the furniture is vacuumed and finally all the exterior portions of the house or office are cleaned. This is a relatively extensive hectic schedule that may require a good amount of time. The number of hours that are usually taken to clean an entire house depends upon two fixed factors. These include the number of workers cleaning the house and also the size of the house. The smaller the house, the easier it is to clean the house. Similarly, the more the workers, the swifter is the cleaning done.

What are the charges for a house cleaning service?

House cleaning services may differ in terms of the different features and benefits they offer. Some services are very limited whilst others can be comparatively extensive. The amount charged for these services depend usually upon the number of workers working to clean the house and also on the different features offered by the company in terms of the house cleaning. Usually these charges may range from an average of $100 to $150. In case of separate workers hired, this may vary from $25 to $50 per worker. It is estimated that an average house could cost around $175 – $200 to be cleaned thoroughly. This is only an estimated amount and may vary more or less than the quoted one.