We all use products with different aims. Some of us keep indoor plants for aesthetic purposes, some of us feel that we can keep up with responsibilities, and some of us have fresh air in the room. When it comes to deodorants and cologne, deodorants such as Akt London are applied on areas of the skin that sweat the most to keep off body odor while cologne is used to fragrance the body by applying a layer on the skin. Both have the aim of creating a nice scent.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between male and female cologne and deodorants?

The concentration in male deodorants is more compared to the concentration in female colognes. This is because men get involved in more activities that make them sweat compared to females. It is also known that male sweat is more concentrated compared to female sweat hence they require a stronger deodorant compared to females.

A male cologne can be used by females. There is no user restriction. However, male colognes have a masculine scent and can stay on the skin or clothes applied for a longer time compared to female colognes. The concentration varies hence the difference in user preference.

What are the negative effects of using colognes and deodorants?

As much as we use deodorants to eliminate body odor and use cologne to smell good, prolonged use of these products is harmful to our health.

The secret ingredients used to make deodorants such as aluminum, parabens, and propylene glycol lead to breast cancer, memory loss, and poor brain development in pregnant and lactating mothers.

It is advisable however to consider natural deodorants such as Akt London that have natural components that are friendly to the body and keep your health in good shape.

On the other hand, cologne can be harmful to the body as its strong fragrance can cause asthma and respiratory allergic reactions such as sneezing and running nose. In addition to this, it can cause a headache, itchy and watery eyes. However, if used in moderate amounts, is friendly to the body.

What are the types of deodorants?

There are different types of deodorants in the market the most common ones being roll-on and spray deodorants. Besides, there are scented and unscented deodorants. Scented deodorants have some fragrance in their composition while unscented deodorants have no perfume at all.

Powdered deodorants are applied on the areas of the body that sweat the most such as under armpits by powdering the targeted area. The major disadvantage of powdered deodorants is they stain both colored and white clothes.

At what age can my child start using deodorants and cologne?

Small children may develop allergic reactions from fragrances especially those that are highly concentrated. On the other hand, teenagers start to be aware of their bodies and like attention drawn to them.

It is advisable to introduce your child to deodorants at a teenage when their bodies start producing sweat to keep off the odor. Besides, but them some cologne to boost their confidence and self-esteem.

In conclusion, both colognes and deodorants keep off bad boy odor.